Why Be A Certified Groomer?

  • Certification is a validation of the individual's knowledge and ability and demonstrates to customers and employers that the certified individual has been proven against a standard, under independent evaluation.

  • Certification means the individual is committed to professional standards and has been proven to be safe, knowledgeable and effective.

  • Certification does not necessarily make a person a better groomer than those who are not certified. It means that the groomer has taken the challenge to present themselves for evaluation and if successful, have proven their competency at the level evaluated.

  • These accomplishments can then be advertised to clients. Pet parents like to have the comfort of knowing that their precious ones are being cared for by a knowledgeable professional.

  • Groomers must never stop learning, attending seminars, shows, etc. to help keep themselves up to date on new styles and tips to help improve their grooming skills.