Level 2 - Canadian Canine Stylist (CCS2) Sporting
(Certified Groomer)

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Written Exam - $40.00Practical Test - $100.00
Rewrite Written - $20.00Retake Practical - $50.00

Study Material

Written Exam

  • 70% minimum requirement to pass (85% min. to apply towards Master Groomer title)
  • 100 questions
  • Time allowed for completion: 1 hour
  • No. of Certifiers required to administer: 1 Junior or Senior Certifier or Proctor
    (see Competitions, Proctors & Special Considerations)

Practical Test

  • 70% minimum requirement to pass (85% min. to apply towards Master Groomer title)
  • No. of Certifiers required: 2 - one of which must be a Senior Certifier
  • Dog must have a minimum of 2" of coat
  • Dog must be bathed and prepped before arrival at certification (pads, nails, ears & sanitary)
  • Time allowed for completion:
      Dogs 16" & under – 2 hours
      Dogs over 16" – 2 hours 15 minutes
  • American Cocker:
      May be done in a Suburban clip (clippers used on back, blend side coat & scissor legs), or carded coat
      May be done in a modified show trim (clippers used on back and blend in side coat)
  • English Cocker or English Springer:
      May be done in a pet type clip with clippers used on back coat, or carded coat
      Back coat to be blended into side coat (sug. Do not clip back coat too short, too hard to blend into side coat)
  • Setters: carding is recommended
  • Recommended Breeds:
      American CockerEnglish Setter
      English CockerGordon Setter
      English SpringerWelsh Springer
      Irish Setter 

      (Other breeds may be used but at the Certifier's discretion. Certifier must be asked if they are willing to evaluate and have knowledge of the breed suggested.)