Certification Process

The testing process is a validation of the professional Canine Stylist to show their clients and peers that they are willing to expand their knowledge and are dedicated to professional advancement. For employers, it provides a standard they would like their prospective employees to meet.

There are five levels of certification that are available to members of the Canadian Professional Pet Stylists. Each level of certification has a written exam and a practical test, with the exception of the CCS2 Terrier practical which has two tests. A passing mark is required on both the written and practical tests to receive a certificate. The Master Groomer exam is a written test only. Once BOTH the written and practical tests are passed, a groomer may refer to themselves as:

A passing mark for both of the Bather Levels and the Level 2 written exams is 70%, for the Intermediate written it is 80%. A passing mark for the Bather and Level 2 practical exams is 70%, for the Intermediate practical it is 80%. As of January 1, 2022 in order to qualify for the CCS1 Intermediate Stylist Technician, both the CCS1 Bather Technician and CCS1 Bather Double Coated Technician certifications must be passed. In order to qualify for CCS3 Master Groomer, all of the written and practical tests for CCS1 Bather Technician, CCS1 Bather Double Coated, Sporting, Non Sporting and Terrier must be passed with a minimum of 85%. The passing mark for the Master Groomer exam is 85%.

Certifications are held all over the country, wherever there are enough groomers in one area wanting to do some testing. They are done on a cost recovery basis; as long as there are enough test fees generated to cover the expenses of the Certifiers, we will send them. A current membership with CPPS is required for testing and groomers must pre-register with the head office in order to attend.

For upcoming certification dates, check our Coming Events list. If there are no scheduled dates in your area, contact us to see if we can arrange for one. All we need is the donation of the use of a grooming shop that has space for 3-4 tables and the use of the tubs.


If your certificates become lost or damaged, replacements can be ordered from our head office, for a fee:

Contact: CPPS, P.O. Box 267, 70 Mile House, BC V0K 2K0 (250) 456-2201

Misrepresentation on the internet and social media is extensive and unchecked in today’s technology. CPPS would like to remind the public and other professional pet stylists to check our website to verify whether a Pet Stylist is a member of CPPS in good standing or having CPPS certification.

CPPS Certifiers are the only individuals authorized to provide certifications and are listed on our website. Anyone claiming to be a CPPS Certifier or a CPPS certified groomer, whether in writing, verbally or by telecommunication, that is not actively listed on our website or unable to provide proof of certification, is misrepresenting themselves.