Level 1 - Intermediate Pet Stylist CCIPS1

* An optional certification, not necessary to gain Master Groomer title. As of January 1, 2022, the CCBT1 Bather Technician and CCBDCT2 Bather Double Coated Technician levels will be a requirement for the CCIPS1 Intermediate Pet Stylist 1 level.

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Written Exam - $40.00Practical Test - $100.00
Rewrite Written - $20.00Retake Practical - $50.00

Study Material

Written Exam

Practical Test

  • 80% minimum requirement to pass
  • No. of Certifiers required: 2 - one of which must be a Senior Certifier
  • Cross bred or purebred dog may be used
  • Dog must have a minimum of 2" of coat
  • Dog must be bathed, dried and prepped before arrival at certification (pads, nails, ears & sanitary)
    (If doing CCBT practical at same certification, same dog can be used for this practical)
  • Must be done in a bladed body with stylized legs, Sporting or Terrier trim or scissored trim
  • An all over trim or body contour trim is not accepted
  • Blades and combs permitted
  • Time allowed for completion:
      Dogs 16" & under – 1 hour
      Dogs over 16" – 1 hour 15 minutes