At The Certification

About a week prior to the certification date, the Certifiers that have been assigned to do the evaluations will prepare a schedule based on the facilities available for use (i.e. number of tubs, dryers and tables, and space for writing exams) as well as the number of groomers taking part and which tests they are doing.

Once a schedule has been planned, each of the participating groomers will be notified of their test time and what equipment they will need to bring. Please be sure to arrive at your designated time and be prepared with all of the equipment and products that you will require to do your test. Arriving late will throw off the schedule for the entire day for everyone.

Bather Technician Practical
Arrangements will have been made with the shop owner to use their bathing facilities. Use and leave these areas as you found them. Do not use the shop's products. Check with the Certifier to see if the use of the shop's dryers is permitted. If not, bring your own. Inquire if you will need to bring your own table.

Level 2 Practicals
Dogs should be pre-bathed and prepped before arriving. If you have to travel overnight to attend, notify the Certifier and inquire if you will be able to use the shop's bathing facilities as this may impact the scheduling for the day. If using the shop, bring all of your own supplies (i.e. products, towels, nail clippers, etc.)

If shop equipment is being used (tables, grooming arms, loops, dryers, etc.) the utmost care must be exercised to prevent any damage. If any damage does occur caused by yourself or your dog, you are responsible for it. Notify the shop owner and settle it with them.

After your evaluation is over, you are expected to clean up after yourself; sweep up the hair, clean off the table used and return it to where it is kept, etc.

Remember – the use of the shop has been graciously donated!